This photo taken at the South Jersey Karate Club in the early 1970's shows the posture "seiza" which is how a traditional class begins and ends. I am the 3rd from the right in the photo, the 5th person is Mr. Sal LoPresti, 7th dan, head of the U.S. Branch of Kissaki-Kai Karate & head of Club Shotokan New Jersey). The SJKC dojo was headed by Mr. Leslie Safar, 9th dan (now Chief Instructor for the European country of Hungary). He was, for many years, Mr. Okazaki's most senior student before he co-founded the American JKA Karate Association (AJKA) along with Mr. Ray Dalke, 9th dan, Mr. Richard Gould, 8th dan and Mr. Randy Hassell, 8th dan. I trained at the South Jersey dojo under Mr. Safar for more than a decade, splitting my classes between the South Jersey Club and the Philadephia Karate Club under Mr. Teruyuki Okazaki, 10th dan.

The photo on the right was taken following an Instructor's Training class in the mid 1970's with Mr. Teruyuki Okazaki, 10th dan at his hombu dojo in Philadelphia. Mr. Okazaki is explaining to me some details of what we practiced in training just minutes before. The JKA/ISKF Instructor's Training is a 3 year course teaching instructors the fine points of teaching traditional karate using modern sports science principles. It was in one of these many classes that I first became interested in pursuing chiropractic and sports medicine as a career.

For the past several years my teacher has been Mr. Kiyoshi Yamazaki, 8th dan, Chief Instructor of Japan Karate-do Ryobu-Kai. Mr. Yamazaki serves as the Technical Chairman of the USA National Karate-do Federation and as a member of the Technical Committee of the World Karate-do Federation.

"There is nothing more precious than human life. Regardless of the place or time, it has always been an undeniable fact that human life carries with it a meaning of value and dignity. Bearing this philosophy in mind, we should practice Karate as a means to enhance human welfare."

Master Yasuhiro Konishi 1893-1983