Shubukan Shubukan Dojo is a small private, non-commercial karate dojo under the direction of Dr. Joseph Kappes. It serves as the hombu dojo for JKR-Missouri and its member commercial dojos.
At the Shubukan Dojo students are exposed to a comprehensive system of Japanese karatedo with elements of Shotokan, Shitoryu & Gojoryu. The students also practice elements of Yoshinkai, Aikido and Takenouchi Ryu Jujitsu. Much weight is placed on the meaning or application (bunkai, henka waza) of the kata and on self-defense.
Years ago, Dr. Kappes decided to limit his day to day teaching to a select number of private students, investing himself in the personal development of these students and instructors. He does however, teach at select training seminars and camps and as a guest instructor at other dojos and organizations both nationally and internationally.