There are many different ideas of what karate is all about. I suppose much of the general public is led to believe is that karate is a series of spectacular kicks, punches and mysterious training which enables a chosen few to possess superhuman capabilities.

While it is true the students of karate can, and do, develop the ability to defend and attack with precision, lightning quick reflexes and what appears to be tremendous power, they are no more superhuman than anyone else. Karate-Do students can only achieve high levels of skill in their chosen style by following a very disciplined and dedicated training schedule. The training in Japanese traditional style karate is ongoing, and persistant, towards the perfecting of individual techniques.

I hope my website will give you another view into Karate-Do and why I have chosen this way to train. A traditional dojo differs from a commercial dojo and the difference is not always readily visable to the general public. Traditional training goes far beyond the dojo and considers the behavior and activities of the practitioner in their private lives.

Many also think of this as a sport for the young but the truth is there are many practitioners who are well into their 60's, 70's and beyond who still regard karate-do as a way of life.

The emphasis in Karate is not to measure whether or not one is proficient through physical strength, but to be able to demonstrate purposefulness in ones contribution to mankind through mental, spiritual and physical development.