Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi II, Head of JKR JAPAN KARATE-DO RYOBU-KAI (JKR)
is a professional, international organization under the leadership of Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi II.
JKR has branches located in over 20 countries, under the guidance of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, International Director and Chief Instructor. Kiyoshi Yamazaki, International Director and Chief Instructor.

Yasuhiro Konishi (founder of Shindo Jinen Ryu). The style of Karate taught in JKR is Shindo Jinen Ryu and was founded in 1934-35 by Yasuhiro Konishi, who learned karate from Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan), Chojun Miyagi (founder of Goju-ryu), Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito-ryu), and Choki Motobu (founder of Motobu-ryu). Additionally, Yasuhiro Konishi studied extensively under the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan).
Chogin Miyagi (founder of Goju-ryu)
Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito-ryu).
Choki Motobu (founder of Motobu-ryu).
Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

JKR also has a lineage dating back to the l6th century under the traditions of Takeuchi Ryu Jujitsu. The karate style Shindo Jinen Ryu incorporates facets of Shotokan-ryu, Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu, Aikido and Jujitsu. The kihon and kata of these systems are taught exactly as they would be taught in these respective disciplines.

Training in JKR is conducted in the traditional Japanese method, stressing discipline, etiquette, and hard work. The karate training in JKR is life-long, and can be continued regardless of age.

Dr. Joseph Kappes, Head of JKR Missouri. Shubukan Dojo serves as the hombu dojo for JKR-Missouri. JKR Missouri, under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Kappes is one of the formal branches of JKR.
        JKR Missouri teaches traditional Japanese Karate in three ways:
        * as an Art for personal growth;
        * as Self-Defense;
        * as a Sport.

The emphasis of instruction is on Art and Self-Defense. Also, there are many opportunities to train for, and participate in, sport karate tournaments if desired.

Japan Karate-do Ryobu-Kai (JKR-US Branch) is an independent member organization of the USA National Karate-do Federation, the National Governing Body for the Sport of Karate, under the authority of the United States Olympic Committee.

35th Anniversary medallion of the JKR.

Destructiveness is the antithesis of Karate-do.

( KEIZU - Dr. Joseph Kappes )

"There is nothing more precious than human life. Regardless of the place or time, it has always been an undeniable fact that human life carries with it a meaning of value and dignity. Bearing this philosophy in mind, we should practice Karate as a means to enhance human welfare."

Master Yasuhiro Konishi 1893-1983