1973 East Coast Championship JKA-US

1974 East Coast Championship JKA-US

1974 East Coast Championship JKA-US

Dr. Kappes was very active competing locally and nationally throughout the 70's. This was before there was grade and weight divisions and before safety equipment was permitted or required.

1975 1st Place East Coast Championship JKA-US



Then & Now

Dr. Kappes is receiving credentials from Yasuhiro Konishi and Kiyoshi Yamazaki

The Shogo title Renshi is a teaching grade title which is a separate rank over & above the belt rank. It is awarded to 6th & 7th Dan teachers. Dr. Kappes is being awarded Renshi by Yasuhiro Konishi at the world championships in Tokyo, Japan on August 25th, 2001. Dr. Kappes was among 8 individuals from around the world who were awarded the Shogo title at the world championships.

Dr. Joseph Kappes standing in front of the world headquarters of the JKA in Tokyo Japan. He has been practicing and teaching traditional Japanese karatedo for more than 30 years and continues to this day to be a serious student of karatedo. Years ago, Dr. Kappes decided to limit his day to day teaching to a select number of private students, investing himself in the personal development of these students and instructors. He does however, teach at select training seminars and camps and as a guest instructor at other dojos and organizations both nationally and internationally.

"There is nothing more precious than human life. Regardless of the place or time, it has always been an undeniable fact that human life carries with it a meaning of value and dignity. Bearing this philosophy in mind, we should practice Karate as a means to enhance human welfare."

Master Yasuhiro Konishi 1893-1983